Social Innovation News – 10th August 2010

A quick scan of the web over the last few weeks…

1. A couple of posts on what makes social innovation distinct – one by Tim Draimin (Social Innovation Generation) on the demise of Corporate Social Responsibility and heralding its replacement – Corporate Social Innovation – and another by Adil Abrar that sees social innovation as the “new rave“.

2. Lots on social innovation and technology (esp internet) as usual.  A quick scan – Social Innovation Clouds – an article on how governments can use technology to engage citizens to achieve “network-powered social innovation”, an interview with Charles Leadbeater in The Guardian, and a new crowdsourcing platform – OpenIDEO – where your contributions can build your personal DQ which has nothing to do with Dairy Queen :) (all explained in their promo video).

3. Some blogs to check out – eg Conversations for a Better World, to The Gates Notes and IDE

6. And some research articles:

Goldstein, J., Hazy, J. K., & Silberstang, J. (2010). A Complexity Science Model of Social Innovation in Social Enterprise. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 1(1), 101. doi:10.1080/19420671003629763

Biggs, R., Westley, F., & Carpenter, S. (2010). Navigating the Back Loop: Fostering Social Innovation and Transformation in Ecosystem Management. Ecology & Society, 15(2), 1-25. [Post to follow].

7. And finally, there are 11 winners of the US Social Innovation Fund.

Social Innovation (TM): Good business?

It is not difficult to find examples of businesses that are embracing the language of social innovation.  It’s a no-brainer.  Who wouldn’t want to be associated with novel solutions that have social benefits. It’s simply good business.  In many ways it is an outworking of the “triple bottom-line” movement where a company not only recognizes its “social responsibilities” but then goes the extra mile.  This is no longer about ameloriating the negative effects of doing business; it’s about using the firm’s resources to tackle a social problem.  What could be better than companies with vast experiences of innovation and management using this energy to generate novel solutions to change the world?

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Social Innovation: The Game!

I just came across the game of EVOKE and you can still take part :).  It’s meant for young people in Africa but it’s open to everyone and it lasts 10 weeks…it finishes May 12th (we’ve already missed a few weeks but not to worry).

Once you have signed up (16,000 people have already) – your first mission is to “Master the mindset of a social innovator”.

Social innovators invent creative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.  We don’t wait for someone else to change the world.  We do it ourselves.

It’s a very cool design and the winners (those that blog and connect to initiatives using Facebook etc) can get an invite to the EVOKE summit in Washington.

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