Social Innovation – 10th October 2010

It’s a been a while since I last posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking and writing about social innovation.  I’ve spent the last month exploring the relationship between social innovation and place – how places might enable and constrain social innovation and the importance of the work of people to change places on social innovation.  When I have a complete draft then I might make an attempt in this space to try to articulate my thoughts.

Scanning the web over the last month – a few things stand out.

1. Article in The American Prospect – “Is giving away money – and lots of it – realy the best way to change the world?” – a look at the Gates Foundation and its approach to solving social problems.

2. Examples for Ashoka – Prison football program in Indonsia to open up discussions about HIV and Crowd-Sourcing Patient Knowledge.

3. Investing in Social Growth – Young Foundation Report exploring whether interest in the “Big Society” idea can be translated into action.

4. Social Innovation Inc – a new book that places social innovation at the heart of good business.

5.The Feast Conference (October 15th) – a TED Talks style focus on social innovation.

6. Notable absence of published research…just one conference paper defined social innovation as an “organizational capability”…”that consists of four resources: strategic orientation, product-market improvement, flexible work & organising smarter”. Social innovation in this context is connected to organizational performance and employee absenteeism.  This just highlights the variety of ways in which social innovation as a term is used.

Social Innovation Webinars: Harvard Kennedy School

Check out these three upcoming webinars from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Power of Social Innovation Series! All are free online webinars. Registration required. Of particular interest to those social innovators working in or with goverment.

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