Research Centres

Here are some of the Research Centres around the world with a focus on social innovation.

  • Social Innovation Generation, University of Waterloo – actively researching the topic of social innovation – working papers, case studies, events, and a Diploma in Social Innovation.
  • The Centre for Sustainability and Social Innovation, University of British Columbia – with a particular focus on environmental challenges such as climate change and carbon management and now with an Innovation Incubator.
  • The Centre for Social Innovation Research, University of New Brunswick – interesting projects from e-democracy to enviropig.
  • The Institute for Social Innovation, Carnegie Mellon – “a multi-disciplinary instititute designed to help advance innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability in solving some of the world’s most critical public interest problems” – offer courses and conduct research.
  • Centre for Social Innovation, Stanford University – whose purpose is to “build and strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to social problems”.
  • Adelphi University Centre of Social Innovation, Long Island.
  • New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre, Massey University.

  • Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore University – a focus on the nonprofit sector – esp leaders and has an annual social innovation competition.
  • INSEAD Social Innovation Centre – research groups working on CSR and ethics, healthcare management, humanitarian research,social entrepreneurship,sustainability are focused on three main initiatives: Africa, global governance and social impact.

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