Research Themes

Work in Progress – a slightly different Tag Cloud :)

Definitions the variety, a working definition,

Impact – what difference does it make?



Transformation – transformative social innovation

Organizing Form – business

Novelty – How important is it to be ‘new’?

Social problems – the variety, the problem with social problems


Collective action – participation

Context: Place

Complexity – and thinking about social problems,


[Updated 7th July 2010]


One response

  1. Greetings,

    What a pleasure to come across your blog! It is a great collection of articles and musings on social innovation.

    I am currently researching PhD programs and I am very interested in social innovation, transformational change in human systems, organizational development, and their relationship to sustainability. After reading more of your blog and realizing that this is part of your dissertation work I am curious to ask where you are getting your PhD and if you might have any recommendations based on the interests stated above.

    Thanks again for this wonderful online experiment.

    Looking forward to your response,
    Lauren Higgins

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