The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for those interested in the topic of social innovation.  In particular, my focus is on social innovation research – what do we know about social innovation and what are the current research questions/challenges. My interest is fundamentally in the practice of social innovation – to assist the growing global movement of people committed to finding new ways to tackle the social problems of our time.

I started this site in 2010 as a way to share ideas/thoughts/resources while I worked on a PhD. My PhD was on the topic of social innovation and place. In 2011 I  took a break from writing to defend my thesis and then joined a Foundation focused on social innovation. I’ve had the privilege to not only read about the dynamics of organizing social innovation but also see the challenges firsthand.

There are some simple ‘rules/assumptions’ that I have used to generate the content for this blog:

  • Rule #1 – The audience – you – are serious :) You are likely to be interested in social innovation or at least curious about thinking about organizations/organizing and social change….that means I don’t have to catch your attention with sexy and misleading headlines…well not all the time :)
  • Rule #2 – I am not an expert on social innovation and I don’t have to pretend to be – I am just keen to highlight ideas/people/resources that seem important for others to check out.
  • Rule #3 – I am not spending time polishing the text or finding amazing pictures – my goal is to have fun putting it together and perhaps spark a few conversations.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Thank you for your interest.



[Updated 5th April 2013]