Back to the Future: Social Innovation Notes 2.0

Graham photoIt will be two years to the day since I wrote on this blog. I’m now back…for a while!

Since I last wrote, I’ve completed my PhD dissertation on the topic of social innovation and then spent a year and a half working for a private Foundation that invests in social innovation. It’s been a period of profound learning.

In the past year I’ve been convicted about the need to support and build the knowledge commons. This is so critical for emerging fields such as social innovation – where early learnings need to be collated, synthesized and widely shared to enable this growing movement to continually develop more sophisticated and effective solutions.

I was going to start with a completely fresh blog canvas but this site’s analytics software show that people have continued to access the reference sections of the site – definitions and reading list – even while the site has been dormant. I plan to update and refine these lists and add a few more reference sections.

I will continue to try to summarize new academic papers on social innovation and consider their possible implications for practitioners. Tragically, a considerable amount of academic research is locked away  behind paywalls and/or not written in plain English and/or the practical take-aways are unexplored.

I look forward to the coming few months – as always any advice, feedback and contributions are much appreciated.



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