The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for those interested in the topic of social innovation.  In particular, my focus is on social innovation research – what do we know about social innovation and what are the current research questions/challenges.  I also plan to collate possible resources for teaching courses on social innovation – I had the opportunity to run an an undergraduate course in 2009 and at that stage there was very little material available in the public domain…that is starting to change.

This is a 100 day project.  I am researching and writing about the topic of social innovation as part of my PhD and hope to be finished by the end of August 2010…or at least be close :)

I have 30 minutes to write a post each day – just before or after lunch – as a sort of reflection after writing/reading in the morning.  It isn’t polished and I expect my thinking to change and be challenged :)

I start tomorrow!

Thank you for your interest.




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